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Audio and video engineering and production service based in South West England.

We offer a range of sound engineering and video production solutions and provide a bespoke service. 

For a tailored experience give us a call or send us an email to discuss options.


Equipment List

Behringer X32 Producer Mixing Desk Behringer S16 Digital Stage Box 2 x Mackie SRM 350 - 1000w 2x 18inch Active Subwoofers 1000w 2 x 10inch Stage Monitors 2 x Shure SM58 3 x Shure SM57 3 x Shure PG56 1 x Shure PG52 1 x AKG D112 1 x Sontronics STC80 3 x Active D.I Boxes 1 x Sansamp Paradriver All cabling and stands We have a range of live camera options for both recorded video and streaming. We have a seperate studio space for recording and can offer online mixing, mastering and editing services, as well as video editing and production. We use professional standard Video and Audio editing software paired with a range of outboard equipment.

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